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THE Ultimate DSC


The Ultimate DSC has been designed to meet the most demanding measurement requirements of the market.

Based on the most innovative fundamental research, the Ultimate DSC’s heat sensors provide measurement sensitivity unmatched in the DSC world.  

The Ultimate DSC can measure transitions such as protein denaturation with small sample quantities and concentrations (from 5 µl up to 100 µl with a few mg/ml).

Its thermal stability due to the multi-stage control design allows it to meet the most complex applications in materials characterisation. 

Its temperature range allows the measurement of heat effects even at low temperatures, such as phase transitions at -50°C.

The Ultimate DSC uses extractable crucibles, facilitating its use for protein characterisation. The volumes of these crucibles will save large quantities of very expensive samples.

The Ultimate DSC is also used with solid samples in powder or non-powder form and will allow measurement of effects that current DSCs on the market cannot achieve due to their manufacturing technology.


The Ultimate DSC is a real revolution in the frozen world of DSC.


  • Temperature range

    from - 40 up to 160°C

  • Scanning rate

    0.001 up to 10°C/min

  • Temperature precision

    100 µ°C

  • Sample volume :

    5 to 100 µl

  • Sensitivity :

    550 µV/mW

  • Unique features :

    Direct sample temperature measurement
    Joule effect calibration

  • Dimensions

    900*700*500 mm (W*D*H)


ULTIMATE DSC, the most sensitive calorimeter on the market.

Find the brochure of our Ultimate DSC clicking on the link below.

Thermal denaturation of bovine pancreas RNase.

The Ultimate DSC can be used to measure the enthalpy and the denaturation temperature of RNase using masses between 200 and 10 µg, for volumes between 50 and 80µl.

Thermal denaturation of lysozyme.

The Ultimate DSC can measure the enthalpy and the denaturation temperature of lysozyme using 5 to 10 times less sample than instruments currently on the market.



Clermont-Ferrand Institute of Chemistry

We purchased the Ultimate DSC about 6 months ago and the results are really good. The sensitivity of the calorimeter is really high and allows to determine phase transitions with very low heat effects. we worked on liquid liquid phase separtions and the sensors were able to detect the heat effect evenso it's only a few Juoles per gram. Since we bought it the calorimeter works continously, without any problem. The possibility of smart control of peripherical parts (cryostats, etc...) allows a rationnalisation of energetic costs of running the experiments and is much appreciated. Calneos works also quickly and with dedication when we are facing any kind of difficulties concerning the apparatus or the software dedicated. We are very glad that we had chosen this company.